Employers driving skills for UK growth

Employers driving skills for UK growth

The Skills Partnership for the science industries

The Skills Partnership for the science industries

Securing the future of the UK science economy

Securing the future of the UK science economy


CareersThrough the continued growth of the SIP STEM Ambassadors programme, your company will benefit from the direct engagement with schools and promotion of careers in the science industries.

Your company will have a much greater impact on the attraction of the sector to young people than through your individual investment.

The bespoke materials specifically developed to support engagement with schools are available to member companies to use in their local engagements. Training is also provided for new member company SIP Ambassadors meeting legal obligations of engaging with young people as well as training on the science industry interactive careers resources.

About the network

Over 170 Science Industry Partnership (SIP) Ambassadors are already registered to encourage students to continue studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects and inspire them to consider a career in science, exceeding all targets.

Despite increasing opportunities, the UK is still faced with skills shortages in the science industries which are expected to intensify. Figures compiled by Cogent Skills from the national Labour Force Survey in the past 12 months has revealed that school leavers and graduates account for only 8.5%* of the sector’s total workforce, and almost all companies in the industrial science sector (97.5%)** have vacancies that are difficult to fill because of skills shortages.

The key to encouraging more young people into STEM careers is by inspiring them at a young age, by introducing them to motivational people who can share their experiences of working in STEM.

Since January 2015, the careers strand of the SIP has attended over 100 careers events and personally interacted with over 4,600 young people.

About the training

All SIP Ambassadors are trained to deliver an interactive classroom resource in schools. This resource teaches students about careers in science and gives a taster of working in science related jobs. After the session, students receive a certificate listing the employability skills they have gained; to date over 650 certificates have been issued.

Kirsten Bodley, is CEO at STEMNET, a charity that works across UK schools is passionate about the need for Ambassadors: “inspiring young people to develop STEM skills broadens their opportunities, offers tangible skills for addressing global challenges and supports the UK’s future competitiveness.

We know that 90% of pupils are more interested in continuing to study STEM subjects beyond 16 years of age after engaging with a STEM Ambassador. STEMNET has been thrilled to work with SIP to create tailored resources and trained STEM Ambassador volunteers that will open young people’s eyes to value of sciences.”

Rachel Brickell, Careers Manager at Cogent Skills said, “The SIP Ambassador network covers the whole of England and provides invaluable careers advice to students, parents and careers advisers. By providing a unique insight into the rewarding world of working in STEM, SIP Ambassadors will enthuse young people about the number of opportunities in STEM Careers.  Having 170 SIP Ambassadors registered is a fantastic achievement, and means more students will be inspired by these role models, encouraging more students to think about careers in science.”


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