Employers driving skills for UK growth

Employers driving skills for UK growth

The Skills Partnership for the science industries

The Skills Partnership for the science industries

Securing the future of the UK science economy

Securing the future of the UK science economy

Skills Strategy

The SIP has developed a Skills Strategy for the science industries setting out the skills required through to 2025 and an annual Skills Plan. This plan sets out the skills actions needed to address the skills gaps and challenges faced by the sector.

Members will have the ability to ensure that the challenges you face are included in the overall Skills Strategy and Skills Plan as well as direct engagement in setting the sector priorities.

Detailed skills provision mapping will take place to identify excellence in provision, the national picture and any obvious gaps.

See the SIP Year 1 report here

SIP Operational Plan

The SIP has developed an ongoing and clear plan to address the considerable skills challenges the science industries face in the coming years.

The new Operational Plan sets a number of defined targets, including an ambition for 20,000 apprentices over the next 5 years, supporting the Government in meeting its own 3 million target. 

SIP Skills Strategy

The publication of  the SIP Skills Strategy is the result of the SIP working right across the sector with many partner contributions; it delivers the clear evidence that the skills needs of the future will be driven by the adoption of scientifically focussed “key enabling technologies” –  informatics and big data, synthetic biology and biotechnology, advanced manufacturing, formulation technology and materials science.

It is accompanied by an underpinning Evidence Document ‘The Demand for Skills in the UK Science Economy’ which provides a comprehensive assessment of both the forecast scale of workforce demand across the science industries over the next 10 years, and the nature of skills needed in the future, driven by key enabling technologies.

Apprenticeship Levy > Making the Apprenticeship Levy work for companies in the sector.
National Standards > A science industry sector standards plan.
New Skills Solutions > New skills products and solutions essential for employers in the sector to develop their staff.
Careers A strong recruitment pipeline through the growing SIP ambassador network.
Training Providers A Quality Assured network of Training Providers.
Member Networking > An essential network of science industries working together.
Member Services rates > SIP Members get priority access to a range of skills services at reduced rates.

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