Employers driving skills for UK growth

Employers driving skills for UK growth

The Skills Partnership for the science industries

The Skills Partnership for the science industries

Securing the future of the UK science economy

Securing the future of the UK science economy


The SIP has proven to be an excellent model for delivering the vocational skills the science industries require and is already building on this momentum.

The SIP has secured over 1300 STEM apprentices in just 2 years, realising the potential for a transformational approach to using apprentices to grow future talent across the Sector.

The SIP has also set a longer term ambition for 20,000 apprentices over the next 5 years, supporting the Government in meeting its own 3 million target.

The SIP’s apprenticeship programme has been developed for the science industries and is focused on both addressing skills gaps and delivering a new skills pipeline that would not otherwise have taken place. So far, this includes 20% of employers taking apprentices for the first time. Of the 222 SMEs engaged to date, 45 employers (20%) are taking 164 Apprentices between them.

The SIP has truly facilitated the transition to a demand-led system putting employers in control of purchasing skills for the first time.

How we can help

Our Apprenticeship professionals will support you in analysing your needs, designing specific programmes including company bespoke Apprenticeship Training Plans (ATPs) and arranging high quality delivery.

The SIP’s expert Skills Partner, Cogent Skills can provide expert advice on navigating your way through the Apprenticeship landscape to ensure:

  • Your apprentices are on the right programmes for your business.
  • You get the most from any levy you pay, maximizing the return on your investment.
  • You benefit from industry-wide negotiations with providers on price and lower provider costs.
  • You benefit from the sourcing of training providers in the knowledge that they have been quality assured.

You can access services including recruitment and employment of apprentices, saving you the direct cost of this activity at member rates.


Apprenticeship Levy > Making the Apprenticeship Levy work for companies in the sector.
National Standards > A science industry sector standards plan.
New Skills Solutions > New skills products and solutions essential for employers in the sector to develop their staff.
Careers A strong recruitment pipeline through the growing SIP ambassador network.
Training Providers A Quality Assured network of Training Providers.
Member Networking > An essential network of science industries working together.
Member Services rates > SIP Members get priority access to a range of skills services at reduced rates.

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